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Reece Charsville


Welcome! Let me introduce myself, my name is Reece Charsville and I am a Freelance Web and Software Developer.
I have been working freelance since I graduated Sheffield Hallam University (1st Class Hons - BEng Software Engineering).
I develop bespoke websites, mobile apps and software.
This is the place where you can see all of the projects I have worked on and find out all about me!
Take a look around and if you would like to get in contact with me about a project I would be happy to hear from you.
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Repetitio is a start-up founded by me and 3 others. We are developing a language learning mobile app. What makes Repetitio unique is that it is purely data-led and utilises memory science and psychological theories to teach. This is very different from other mobile apps that often use games to teach languages. The app development is all done by me and one other colleague. Our mobile app is currently in beta and is available to download. Check out the website for more information.
Shreem is an exciting web project for creatives and freelancers. I have been a part of this since 2018 and I am currently the sole developer. The idea behind the website is to build a place where writers, musicians, videographers, actors, designers, and all creatives can come together to share their work and collaborate. This is an ongoing project and has updates regularly, it is exciting to watch the community grow. If you are a creative you should definitely check it out (And hit me up with any cool ideas you might have for the website)!
dyscopia film
Dyscopia is a short film that was produced by a group of students from Hertfordshire University. They were creating a film for their final year project and needed some help with marketing. I offered to build them a cool new website to help with the promotion. The idea behind the site was to build some excitement to aid them in their crowdfunding. I came up with the concept of a movie trailer styled website. The website gives a little insight into the storyline of the film to intrigue visitors.
Ryan Charsville Films
Ryan Charsville
My brother Ryan is a professional videographer and has worked on lots of freelance projects. He wanted an online space for demonstrating his camera and video work, and somewhere to help attract new clients and more work. The key part of this website was to make sure that it was as visual as possible. The website is based on a dark theme to give the cinematic feel and uses all of his own content, which fills almost every pixel on the site! It also has lots of preview footage so that you can have a great browse through all his content.
Russells Bicycle Shed
Russell's Bicycle Shed
Russell’s Bicycle Shed is a company based in Sheffield. They do all sorts of great stuff for Sheffield and Nottingham, providing for all of your cycling needs. They approached me about an exciting new project that would enable customers to access cycle hubs across the country via a mobile app and subscription service. Customers can safely store their bikes in hubs and simply use the mobile app to unlock and gain access to the hubs. I have been working as the sole developer on this project for a while. This is an exciting project so keep your eyes peeled in the future for when its released!
etio - creative agency
Etio is a creative and digital agency based in London. They approached me about a new website that would help improve their SEO, attract new clients, and demonstrate some of their work. The importance of this project was to show off their creative ability while making sure it had that personal touch. Check out the website and you can see how this was done!
Revolve. Mobile App
Revolve. is a mobile app that I developed in my spare time during my summer break while I was at Sheffield Hallam University. It is a simple arcade style game where users must try and keep the ball bouncing as long as possible by revolving the octagon. It was great fun sharing the app around uni and we had quite a lot of competition in the student halls!
I was approached by the developers of iRota to help redesign and build their website. They have this great software that was rich in features but needed a website that really demonstrated this to potential customers. I designed the website using a single page approach, allowing users to scroll through and read up all the benefits of using the software. I think this was achieved as reading through you can really get the feel for all the added benefits the software provides!
Cyber Alarm
Cyber Alarm
Cyber Alarm is a new start-up in the cyber security space. They have developed some software that can handle all of your cyber security and keep you informed with all the hints, tips and tricks you can apply to your website, ensuring you are cyber secure. They needed a website that would make them stand out from the crowd and really drive customers. I offered my services to help with development of the site and marketing materials. Check them out!
IsoStock is an established software product in the nuclear industry. They are the a must have for any companies that handle nuclear material. The software is used to track all nuclear material while it is stored/used/disposed. It also makes sure that the sites are abiding by their usage limits (amongst many other useful features). I was hired to take part in the development of a new version of the software. This new version would be one of the biggest changes in the products history and the goal was to build something that really utilises modern software development techniques and features. I worked as part of a 3 person development team and we designed and developed the new software version from the ground up.
Haus Lofer
Haus Lofer
Haus Lofer is a cool modern/traditional home in Austria. It is available for holiday makers across the world via Airbnb and they wanted a website to really help demonstrate the beauty of the home and surrounding area. To do this I developed a new website where potential holiday makers can explore the property and learn all about the area. The website is very visual and takes users on a virtual tour through all the facilities and what makes it so great.
London Day Tripz
London Day Tripz
London Day Tripz sell tickets for tours and attractions across London. They had an existing website to show off all of their tickets and attractions, but the only way the tickets could be bought was either in shop or through referral links. They wanted a much more bespoke experience where users can book via their own website. I was hired to develop this new booking system. I built them a bespoke experience where users could purchase their tickets directly on the web pages. This gave users a much more pleasant experience and even resulted in more bookings!